Squats, 5/31

Today was Day 2 of my first full week of implementing my new program, and it went fantastically.

Day 2, as outlined earlier, is a strength emphasis day, and can be either upper or lower body, depending on how I feel. I imagine that over time, it’ll become reserved solely for lower body strength work, but for now, I’m just playing things by ear and going with the flow. But, after last week’s success in squatting (315x3x5,x10), I felt a strong urge to get back in the weight room and get under the squat bar. I told myself though, that I was going to stay conservative, and shoot for 365, rather than making the jump to 4 plates.

But…that didn’t happen. I hit 365 for an easy triple, and thanks to the scoop and a half of beta alanine laden pre-workout I shotgunned, my mind was focused on the pursuit and glory, and, ever so slightly, the possibility of a beautiful death.

I considered throwing on my belt, but decided to test myself and go sans aegis.

I did 3 triples, all of which felt heavy, but moved well. I’m walking a line between focusing on technique and just letting things happen, and so far, it seems to be working. Don’t misunderstand me–I’m definitely  a proponent of good, solid technique, but I’ve also come to realize that “paralysis via analysis” is a real thing, and that sometimes, it’s best to just trust your body and let things happen as they will. It’s like a parent watching a child from afar, being present in case of real need, but allowing for the opportunity to act independently as able.

I considered dropping down to 365 and hitting a set of 5, but erred on the side of caution and rationale and moved on to the rest of the session, which went as follows:

Clean pulls: 315x3x3
RDL: 315x3x8
Pallof Press: Monster Mini x3x10 each side
Neutral grip pull-up: 2x10ish

Tomorrow’s an off day, which I’ll probably spend not moving or eating enough. Thursday will be snatch day, and Friday will be upper strength day (probably OHP). I’ll probably start deadlifting next week or the week after, once I start feeling really confident in my lower back and legs. Once I start deadlifting, I’ll most likely rotate squatting and pulling each week, but will still be performing them (at least a variation thereof) as an accessory during my Olympic days.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for further shenanigans.

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